PSAL Wrestling Season Begins This Week

This week begins the PSAL Wrestling regular season, and the Madison Golden Knights will be on the road at Sheepshead Bay high school.  This is a tri-meet event, and Madison will also face off against Grady high school.  The first match is Madison vs. Sheepshead Bay and is scheduled for 4:30 PM.

This will be a re-match from last year’s PSAL Team Championship playoffs in which Madison defeated Sheepshead Bay 46-36.

Madison is looking to repeat last year’s performance with returning seniors Giorgi Prangishvili, Thomas Brovakos, and team captains Griffin Costantino and Shawn Butrico.  Other returning wrestlers are Konstantin Parfiryev,  Marc D’Chiutiis, Louis Cigliano, and Ivan Cordova.  Rounding out the lineup are William Guo, Allard, Azamat Rainbek and Javaughn Grant.  Also wrestling will be Kujtim Nikq and Mark Ifraimov, two experienced heavyweights.

On the same evening, at the Beat the Streets Manhattan Training Center, Grand Street Campus will wrestle against Brooklyn International and New Utrecht high schools in a tri-meet.  Wrestling is scheduled to begin at 4 PM.

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